Marlo Bruch has extensive experience for helping students/faculty/administrators/staff who are involved in sexual harassment/misconduct and other student/employment issues in the university/college academic setting.

These issues can involve students, professors, athletic student players and coaches. Allegations of misconduct can lead to permanent serious ramifications if not acted quickly upon.

Timelines for appeals and other legal processes including litigation are usually shortened by statutory laws. Educators in public institutions enjoy legal qualified immunity or total immunity for actions taken against students or other education employees. Hire the right law firm who understands these complex laws for a positive outcome.

Bruch Law provides legal counsel for education law for classroom and on campus matters. Our firm will work hard for you for employment claims (faculty/administrators/staff), for administrative hearings (including the tenure commission), internal investigations and hearings, and litigation in Court.


We represent students from Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Michigan State University, Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, and other educational institutions on the Southwest side of the state of Michigan when the help is needed to be guided through the internal appeal processes for academics and misconduct. We are here to support your discrimination and harassment complaints. We have assisted families to recover monetary damages for student on student assaults at public institutions.

This legal representation can include but is not limited to:

-student victims of discrimination and harassment
-student victims of sexual assault and harassment from other students or faculty
-student bullying and harassment
-students accused of misconduct on campus including disciplinary panels
– students involved in administrative hearings for Title IX and Title II
-students needing assisting with issues with university / college offices including the office of institutional equity (OIE) and the office of civil rights (OCR)


In addition to helping students, Bruch Law represents teachers, faculty and administrators whose legal rights have been violated.  This legal representation can include but is not limited to:

-breach of contract issues
-tenure / Teacher’s Tenure Act and other academic issues
-disciplinary proceedings / code of conduct violations
-university academic integrity investigations
-Title VII civil rights discrimination claims
-FMLA and ADA claims