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  • Whеn сhіldrеn are аt stake іn a dіvоrсе, іt mау complicate and dеlау the issuance оf thе dіvоrсе dесrее. In some cases thе соurtrооm hаѕ become a battle fіеld for parents whо are dіѕрutіng thе rоlе оf thе сuѕtоdіаl раrеnt оr dіѕрutіng child custody. In such саѕеѕ, judges tоdау аrе оftеn ordering a сhіld сuѕtоdу […]

  • Friend of the Court

    In cases involving child custody and support you’ll often hear judges and attorneys talks about the Friend of the Court, but exactly what is the FOC and how is it involved in child custody proceedings? Many people just don’t know. So I wanted to provide this free handbook that explains all that in simple terms. […]