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  • Coco Chanel - Service Animal

    The laws regarding service dogs are federally enforced by the Department of Transportation, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Justice (American Disabilities Act – Civil Rights division). Michigan also has specific laws regarding service dogs and their uses. As a disabilities attorney and owner of Coco Chanel, a ten year […]

  • Friend of the Court

    In cases involving child custody and support you’ll often hear judges and attorneys talks about the Friend of the Court, but exactly what is the FOC and how is it involved in child custody proceedings? Many people just don’t know. So I wanted to provide this free handbook that explains all that in simple terms. […]

  • Assembly Line - Right To Work

    What It Means for Employers and Workers On December 11, 2012, Governor Rick Snyder signed into law two bills collectively enacting Right to Work legislation for the State of Michigan. You may have heard about this new legislation and wondered what it was all about. While such laws are fairly common-place in the south-east United States (12 […]

  • Divorce Terminology

    Divorces are never easy, but some are simple; at least from a legal standpoint. They can also become one of the most complex legal matters that you are is likely to encounter in your lifetime. Regardless of their legal complexity, divorce is always a stressful situation for all parties involved.

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